About Us

The Colorado NORC has been advancing the science of nutrition and obesity since its inception as a Clinical Nutrition Research Unit in 1995 (NIH/NIDDK P30 DK 48520). The Colorado NORC is one of 11 NIH-supported centers across the country (https://www.niddk.nih.gov/research-funding/research-programs/nutrition-obesity-research-centers).  

The MISSION of the Colorado NORC is to advance the science of nutrition and obesity by facilitating interdisciplinary, collaborative, translational research and by fostering the development of the next generation of scientists in the Rocky Mountain region.

Over the past 25 years, our research base has grown to over 110 regular faculty members and over 50 affiliated trainees, scientists, and educators. We pursue our mission by supporting the work of this research base with two programs that enhance the research and training environment and three research cores that facilitate the advancement of science of nutrition and obesity at basic, preclinical, and clinical levels.   

The CENTRAL THEME of the Colorado NORC is the prevention and treatment of obesity and its metabolic complications across the lifespan, through better nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and medical treatments.

Contributing to that overall theme, we have researchers pursuing collaborative science in areas that include:

  • 1) Early Life Influences
  • 2) Women’s Health
  • 3) Exercise and Energy Expenditure
  • 4) Regulation of Metabolism
  • 5) Interventions for Better Health and Wellness.

We have used these five focus areas as hubs for interdisciplinary collaborative research, with basic, preclinical, clinical, and translation studies of nutrition and obesity.

Contact Olivia Schmidt, Program Administrator, for more information about how to become part of the Colorado NORC.