Administrative Core

The Colorado NORC’s Administrative Core oversees and coordinates the activities of an enrichment program, a pilot/feasibility program, and three biomedical research cores. The Administrative Core is ultimately responsible for the success of the NORC and its cores and programs and for providing the long-term vision and strategic investments that will maximize the NORC’s impact and effectiveness in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The Administrative Core pursues the following four goals:

To maintain a strong, cohesive sense of community among the research base, by:

  • Effective communication that keeps the research base informed of programmatic opportunities, core offerings, and funding opportunities.
  • Proactive solicitation of feedback on the effectiveness and impact of cores and programs.
  • Targeted investments that effectively meet the evolving needs of the research base.
  • Engaging social and networking events that foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

 To oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the NORC cores and programs, by:

  • Maintaining excellent lines of communication and engagement with and between leaders and personnel of the cores and programs.
  • Providing administrative support to help cores and programs achieve their goals.
  • Coordinating and guiding activities to foster collaboration, synergy, and efficiency.
  • Directing the adaptation of services and expertise to meet the needs of the research base.
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility and regulatory compliance.

To sustain strong, productive relationships with campus partners and institutional leaders, by :

  • Providing objective metrics of impact and effectiveness that justify continued support for the NORC’s cores and programs.
  • Building or expanding collaborative partnerships that reduce redundancy, increase efficiency, and align with broader research and educational goals.

To sustain strong, productive relationships with the national NORC community, by:

  • Maintaining excellent lines of communication with program officials and other NORC leaders.
  • Foster inter-NORC collaboration and engagement.
  • Advocating for NORC research and educational objectives in the broader scientific community.

The Administrative Core has outstanding leaders with exceptional institutional support allowing for maximum productivity and research synergy in the NORC research base.

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