Clinical Intervention and Translation Core

The Clinical Intervention and Translation Core (CIT) of the Colorado NORC began operation in August of 2010. It was created because of a growing need by many NORC users for help with a wide range of clinical research studies involving modification of body weight, diet, and exercise to evaluate the impact on a range of physiological and behavioral outcomes. During the first 15 years of funding for the Colorado NORC, we experienced substantial growth in the number of investigators in the user base interested in weight management and in assessing the impact of diet and exercise interventions on health. This gave us the opportunity to create a center of excellence in weight loss maintenance and behavioral interventions, that we believed could make substantial contributions to the scientific underpinnings to the national agenda to address the problem of obesity. The CIT takes advantage of the newly built Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, a 95,000 sq ft state-of-art center for supporting lifestyle intervention studies.

The CIT Core offers the following services to our research base:
1. Weight loss and Weight Loss Maintenance Services:
a. CIT provides investigators with weight loss and weight loss maintenance interventions of varying types including one-on-one, group/cohort-based, meal replacements

2. Exercise Interventions:
a. supervised exercise interventions
b. “unsupervised” exercise interventions using Technogym technology

3. Metabolic Kitchen/Nutrition Services:
a. can design controlled diets provided through the metabolic kitchen at the AHWC
b. can provide pilot data on novel diets

4. Measurement of Food Intake and Eating Behaviors:
a. can assist with the measurement of energy and macronutrient intake
b. can assist with measuring eating-related behaviors and appetite using validated tools and questionnaires

5. Application of ADOPT Measures:
a. Assist with the use of ADOPT measures within clinical research projects

6. Clinical/Translational Research Study Design Support:
a. Can assist in the design of clinical studies in the area of obesity, nutrition, and metabolism

7. Clinical Trial Support:
a. Can provide support for industry-supported trials through the AHWC clinic

8. Clinical Database:
a. Can assist with study database design, construction, and troubleshooting

9. Statistical Support:
a. Can provide statistical support for obesity, nutrition, and metabolism related studies, including power calculations for grant submission and data



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