Lipidomic Analysis

Lipidomic Analysis Report

The Bergman laboratory has been performing quantitative lipidomics since 2014, and recently expanded its capabilities with the addition of 4 instruments bequeathed during the closure of Dr. Robert Murphy’s laboratory. They currently have 5 LC/MS instruments, each set up to measure specific classes of lipids. Importantly, they have personnel with the knowledge and know-how to perform lipidomics. Dr. Kathleen Harrison, Ph.D. joined the Bergman lab in 2014 and is an analytical chemist with 20 years of analytical lipidomics experience in Murphy lab. Dr. Simona Zarini, Ph.D. joined the Bergman lab in 2017 and has extensive lipidomics experience after 17 years in the Murphy lab.

Dr. Kathleen Harrison (left), and Dr. Simona Zarini (right)

Our Methods:
For details regarding our methods or to reference our methods in a manuscript, please use the following reference (link to our paper here).

Sample Dropoff and Preparation:
Option A) We do everything. We take your plasma/cells/tissue, add internal standards, homogenize, and lipid extract (expensive).

Option B) You prepare samples in our lab. You add our internal standards, homogenize, and lipid extract in our laboratory (less expensive).

Option C) You prepare samples in your lab. We send you the internal standards and you can homogenize and lipid extract in your laboratory, sending or delivering ALS vials for us to run on our instruments (least expensive).

All samples need to be delivered or shipped in a -80C freezer box in the order they are listed on the Sample Inventory Form. Please label each tube with a concise yet unique code (ex. 6428-1A).

All academic analyses are subsidized by the Colorado NORC. Reduced pricing is available for junior investigators and preliminary data for grant submissions. Quantitative lipidomics is difficult because we look at each and every peak to ensure that we are quantifying a real lipid that is above the limit of detection for each species. Running samples is easy, it is the data analysis that is difficult and requires time and expertise. The cost for samples is proportional to the amount of time it takes to quantify them.
Turnaround time is dependent on the number and types of lipids to analyze, and the number of samples in our queue.
For current pricing and to discuss sample analysis and turnaround time, please contact:

Our Instruments: