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COVID-19 – Sponsored Research Resources  – compiled 4/15/20

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University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus, Office of Grants and Contracts Resource Page

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Resources

NIH COVID-19 Home Page


NIH COVID-19 Information for NIH Applicants and Recipients of NIH Funding

Related/Referenced Notices

NOT-OD-20-091 NIH Late Application Policy due to COVID-19

NOT-OD-20-088 Flexibilities for Assured Institutions for Activities of IACUCs Due to COVID-19

NOT-OD-20-087 Guidance for NIH Funded Clinical Trials and Human Subjects Studies affected by COVID-19

NOT-OD-20-086 Flexibilities Available to Applicants and Recipients

NOT-OD-20-083 General FAQs – Proposal Submission and Management Related to COVID-19

Summary of NIH COVID-19 related guidance (read individual notices and consult NIH COVID-19 Home Page and FAQs for more extensive guidance)


  • NIH is open for business
  • Extramural staff are working remotely
  • They continue to process applications and make awards
  • They are conducting peer review meetings virtually
  • They are working diligently to provide funding opportunities to support COVID-19 research

Application deadlines

  • NIH will accept late applications through May 1 for deadlines between March 9 and May 1
  • No justification for the late submission is needed
  • FOAs expiring within that time period will be extended 
  • Details in NOT-OD-20-091

Salaries & stipends

  • If unable to work on grant or training activities, salaries and stipends may be charged to NIH grants (this is in accordance with University policy)
  • Researchers can be diverted to clinical work related to COVID-19 without prior approval. Clinical revenue can be used as voluntary cost sharing to support salaries under project.
  • Stipends can continue to be charged to NRSA grants
  • More here: NOT-OD-20-086 and FAQs at

Human Subjects Research

  • NIH will be flexible regarding project extensions and accommodating unanticipated costs
  • Changes to an IRB-approved protocol related to COVID-19 need to be recorded in no later than 30 calendar days after protocol amendment was approved
  • If HS study is canceled, suspended or transitioning to telemedicine due to COVID-19, contact funding IC to determine impact on research progress and further steps
  • More here: NOT-OD-20-087 and FAQs at

Post-award Reporting (RPPR/FFR) & Closeouts

  • Must contact GMS and/or PO if RPPR or FFR cannot be submitted on time
  • Delay of submission may not exceed 1 year
  • Issuing grant awards will be delayed until the reports are received and accepted by the appropriate Institute or Center (IC).
  • Closeout reporting that will be submitted late should contact the NIH Closeout Center ( and provide justification on effects of COVID-19 in the institution and the grants where reporting will be delayed.

No Cost Extensions

  • A 1st NCEs is typically allowed for most awards; NIH will be approving 2nd NCEs related to COVID-19 effects. Must notify funding IC via the Prior Approval module in eRA 
  • Extension for Fellowships and Career Development awards will be considered.  Contact funding IC about extension request.  PI effort can be temporarily reduced below program requirement, contact funding IC.
  • Extension for NRSA award may be requested to the funding IC for consideration


  • Pre-award costs may be charged to NIH supported grants dating back to January 20, 2020 through April 30, 2020 as outlined in the declaration of the public health emergency.
  • Funds cannot be shifted from one NIH award to another due to COVID-19.
  • If PI is absent from project for 3 months or more, awardees should identify temporary replacement or research will be paused & delays should be reported in annual RPPR.
  • Non-refundable costs for travel, events, etc can be charged to grant. Vouchers must be used if granted.
  • Supplements
  • Supplements may be requested to support existing resources that were diverted due to COVID-19, e.g., donation of PPE, lab equipment, supplies, travel costs to support COVID-19 patient care, etc.

Other Sponsors Resource Pages

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