The NORC Enrichment Program (NEP) has been an essential component of the Colorado NORC since it was first established. As the NORC research base has grown and integrated with other programs on campus, the NEP has adapted to meet the unique needs of its researchers, trainees, and educators. The educational activities supported by the NEP in the past have been very successful in promoting research in obesity and nutrition on campus, fostering the development of the next generation of scientists, and recruiting new scientists to pursue research questions that are aligned with the NORC’s objectives.

The NEP plans to capitalize on this success by:
Coalescing team science ventures, fostering the development of trainees that are well-positioned for interdisciplinary collaboration, and leveraging resources from existing institutional programs to spawn interdisciplinary team science and translational outreach programs related to nutrition and obesity.

To accomplish these goals, the enrichment program has the following specific objectives:
Aim 1. Partnering and Integrating with existing institutional programs
Aim 2. Expanding our impact in the Rocky Mountain region
Aim 3. Expanding the impact of the broader NORC Program
Aim 4. Translating discovery with community outreach

The NEP supports a wide variety of activities that connect members of our research base and has re-engaged the broader community in NORC-sponsored events and programs. If there is someone you would like to have speak at an event on campus relating to nutrition or obesity research, please nominate them using THIS FORM

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