Journal Clubs

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FAT Chat
Discussion of novel methods and technology (FACS, flow, Incucyte, IF and IHC) for characterizing white adipose tissue (precursors, mature adipocytes, immune cells).
• Organizer: Andrew Libby
• Meetings: 4th Thursday of the month from 3-4pm starting September
• Attendees: 6+ local scientists, but growing
Contact: Andrew Libby –

BAT Chat
Discussion of articles and concepts related to brown fat.
• Organizer: Ed Melanson
• Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month, 10 am during the academic year (September – May)
• Attendees: 15+, including NIH and international consortium of participants
Contact: Ed Melanson –

Physical Activity Methods
This journal club is focused on discussing recent advancements in the methodologies used to process and interpret accelerometer data. Every month, one individual will lead a discussion on a recently published paper, a manuscript they are currently working on, or data they have recently collected. Content is distributed through a private google group. If you are interested in participating and joining the discussion (in person or virtually over Zoom).
• Organizer: Ana Pinto
• Meetings: the 2nd Monday of the month at 10 am during the academic year (September – May)
Contact: Ana Pinto –

Molecular Metabolism
Please join us for a monthly NORC-journal club, “Molecular Metabolism”.  This journal club combines the interests of previous “mitochondria and metabolism” and “neuroendocrine” journal clubs, and aims to discuss cutting-edge research that advances our understanding of fundamental metabolic processes. We hope that bringing a diverse group of basic and clinical metabolic scientists together will facilitate new insights into the molecular mechanisms that underlie metabolic health and disease
• Organizer: Amy Keller & Kimberly Bruce
• Meetings: Fourth Thursday of every month at 4 pm


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