January 2019 Newsletter

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Director’s Corner: Big Changes are Afoot!
NORC Leadership Changes: As you may have heard, Drs. Jim Hill and Jed Friedman have left the University to pursue some very exciting opportunities. On behalf of our entire research base, we want to thank Drs. Hill and Friedman for their exceptional NORC leadership over the past two decades. We will greatly miss them both and wish them well in their new endeavors. As we transition to a new leadership structure, Dr. Paul MacLean will serve as Interm Director for the NORC and as Acting Director of the Molecular, Cellular, & Analytical Core (MCA).

AHWC Leadership Change: We are excited to announce that Dr. Daniel Bessesen accepted the position of Executive Director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. Related to this transition, Dr. Marc Cornier and Dr. Paul MacLean will serve as Associate Directors. We look forward to what this leadership has in store as we move the AHWC to its next phase of success!

NORC Core Leadership Change: Dr. Bessesen has stepped down as the Director of the NORC’s CIT Core, and Dr. Marc Cornier has agreed to take over leadership and run the core during the next phase of the award. A great appreciation goes to Dan for the many years of successful operation of that core. We see a very productive path moving forward with Marc as the new Director. We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Edward Melanson has accepted the position of Director for the NORC’s Enrichment Program (EP). Over the past year, Dr. Melanson has been proactive in organizing numerous journal clubs, seminars, and enrichment activities. His efforts will undoubtedly enhance our research environment in the coming years.

Research Hightlights
Inter-NORC Collaborations
Our NORC is participating in an inter-NORC collaboration to examine the reproducibility of global gene expression analysis via bulk RNA sequencing. Dr. Michael Rudolph, Associate Director of our MCA core, is working with core personnel from six other NORCs across the country to standardize these analyses. This effort follows a similar effort to standardize whole room calorimetry assessments across NORCs, led by Dr. Ed Melanson, Associate Director of or NORC’s Energy Balance Laboratory. Both projects have been sponsored by the NIH NORC program at the National level, in hopes to lay a stronger foundation for multi-institutional research projects.

2018 NORC Retreat
The NORC Research Retreat held on October 16, 2018, turned out to be a great success. The retreat highlighted Pilot Awardees, the breadth and depth of our research base, and Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz from the University of Michigan NORC as the keynote speaker. A big thanks to goes to Drs. Gavin and Wellberg for organizing the program.

NORC Holiday Party – Awards Announced
Our annual holiday party turned out to be a fantastic event! We danced to music from “Dogs in the Yard”, played games, and consumed tasty holiday treats. We also honored the 2018 NORC Awardees:

Outstanding Research/Education Support: Ginger Johnson
Outstanding Graduate Student: Nathan DeJong
Outstanding M.D. Instructor/Fellow: Paula Holland-Price
Outstanding Ph.D. Instructor/Fellow: Becky Scalzo
Outstanding Faculty Member: Vicki Catenacci
Outstanding Mentor: Ed Melanson

Congrats to the incredible individuals and a big thanks goes to Danielle Ostendorf, Nancy Nickless, and the AHWC social committee for organizing such a great event.

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