January 2020 Newsletter

Competitive Renewal Update Thank you to all of our members, the NORC Executive Committee, and our fantastic administrative team for helping us with the renewal application. We submitted the application last October, and the study section is scheduled for March 9th. We will be reaching out soon to collect any new NORC-related publications for supplementary materials.

New Core Equipment The Molecular and Cellular Analytical Core now houses the Proteinsimple Jess: Jess is a fully automated capillary-based immunoassay method, requiring less sample, antibody, and time compared to traditional western blots. Simply pipette samples and reagents into the microplate, and the machine automatically separates proteins by size, man-ages antibody additions, incubations, washes, and detection. Up to 25 samples may be run in approximately 3hrs. Multiplexing is also possible, as the Jess allows for 4 different ways to analyze proteins, Fluorescent (IR and NIR), chemiluminescent, and protein normalization. T32– Endocrinology, Obesity, and Diabetes This proposal for an institutional training program led by Dan Bessesen received a favorable score of 13!! We are optimistic that our application will be selected for funding at council later this month. If that happens, you should keep an eye out for the call for applications for the MD and PhD fellow training slots that will be available in July.

Obesity Medicine Fellowship The University of Colorado and the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center received funds from the Obesity Medicine Fellowship Council to establish a clinical obesity medicine fellowship. MD and DO applicants coming from ACGME approved residencies in internal medicine or family medicine will apply for this 1 year fellowship that will begin July 1, 2020. Interested individuals can contact Dan Bessesen, MD at Daniel.bessesen@cuanscutz.edu. We will let you know when we launch our website.

NORC Sponsored Speakers Dr. Wayne Campbell, Professor of Nutrition at Purdue University, will be speaking on 2/20 at the Nutrition Seminar Series. Dr. Campbell was the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Committee Member and 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Committee Member. His re-search focuses on using nutrition and exercise as effective tools to positively affect the metabolism, health and functional well-being of people as they progress through the life course.

Faculty Member Spotlight: Kristen Boyle Dr. Kristen Boyle is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics Nutrition Section studying the regulation of human stem cell metabolism and phenotype in the context of obesity and diabetes. During her early independent career Dr. Boyle began using primary infant mesenchymal stem cells, derived from umbilical cord tissue, to investigate stem cell phenotype and epigenetic signatures as a model for develop-mental programming in humans. She discovered that cells from infants born to mothers with obesity have epigenetic and metabolic perturbations similar to adults with established obesity and associated with greater neonatal adiposity. Thus, infant stem cell metabolism may elucidate how these children are at increased risk for developing obesity and diabetes later in life. Her cur-rent research program is supported by the American Diabetes Association and the NIDDK to investigate mesenchymal stem cell metabolism as a predictor of child metabolic health outcomes, and to determine epigenetic mechanisms for altered metabolism in cells from infants born to mothers with obesity.

Kristin Boyle, PhD

2019 Colorado NORC Award Winners
Thank you to our previous awardees who formed the awards committee and re-viewed all of our nominations! This year, we had 52 nominations, and the awards commit-tee lodged a total of 94 votes that determined the awardees in the 6 categories. These selections reflect the outstanding contributions that our member base makes to the NORC’s success.
Outstanding Graduate Student—David Presby
Outstanding M.D. Instructor/Fellow —Adnin Zaman
Outstanding Ph.D. Instructor/Fellow —Danielle Ostendorf
Outstanding Faculty Member —Michael Rudolph
Outstanding Mentor —Marc Cornier
Outstanding Research/Education Support—Kristy Truesdale

Drs. Paul MacLean & Michael Rudolph

Featured NORC-sponsored Journal Club:
Mitochondria & Metabolism. The Mitochondria & Metabolism Journal Club is for all those interested in exploring the intersection of mitochondria in metabolic health. Recent discussions have included the importance of the TCA cycle, mitochondrial activity in exercise and neurobiology, and whether midichlorians in Star Wars Lore are actually intergalactic mitochondria. Please join us on the second Thursday of each month at 2pm at the Cedar Creek Pub. A full list of journal clubs and relevant contact information can be found here.

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