July 2018 Newsletter

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DIRECTOR’S CORNER As we have garnered feedback from our research base, an emerging theme has been that our faculty and trainees would like to be more informed about the Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center. We hope that this quarterly newsletter will fill this need.


ORC Retreat—October 16th!!
Save the date for the Colorado NORC Retreat. Kathleen Gavin and Elizabeth Wellberg have agreed to develop the half day program followed by an evening reception with posters. Details will be forthcoming, but the event should be a great venue to catch up with other NORC members.

Visit by Diana Thomas.
Dr. Thomas , Professor of Mathematical Sciences from the United States Military Academy visited Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, to discuss opportunities for collaboration. She heads an outstanding program that applies machine learning approaches to obesity research.

NORC Pilot Awards Update.
Over the past three years, the NORC has given out over $300,000 in pilot awards to support senior fellows and junior faculty who are pursuing research related to nutrition and/or obesity. The submission deadline for 2018 just closed, and the Executive Committee will now begin the external review process for selecting the awardees. A big thanks goes to Dan Bessesen and Nancy Nickless for coordinating and administering this program

New NORC Website!!
Mary Pinter is spearheading the development of our new website. The new website will be much easier to keep updated going forward. Check it out www.cunorc.org

Dr. Bryan Bergman is performing human clinical research with the ultimate goal of uncovering novel therapeutic targets to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes. One area of interest is in understand how the localization of bioactive lipids inside of skeletal muscle are related to decreased insulin sensitivity. A second focus of his work is to uncover how adipose tissue surrounding muscle decreases insulin sensitivity, muscle mass, and muscle strength. Dr. Bergman’s lab is supported by two NIDDK R01s, and one research award from Eli Lilly.

The NORC has instituted an awards program to acknowledge our faculty, trainees, and staff, for their outstanding contributions to our research and education enterprise. Participating in the program is easy via a simple SurveyMonkey submission, and nominations are accepted from any faculty, trainee, or staff member who is affiliated with the Colorado NORC in some way. Participation in the awards program has grown every year, yielding a total of 60 nominations for the 6 awards in 2017. Here, we list the awardees for the past three years and highlight a few from last year.
Outstanding Research/Education Support
2015 – Elizabeth H. Kealey
2016 – Ann Sauer
2017— Yesenia Garcia Reyes

Outstanding Graduate Student
2015 – Danielle M. Ostendorf
2016 – Penn (Mason) McClatchey
2017 – Rebecca Foright

Outstanding M.D. Instructor/Fellow
2015 – Elizabeth Thomas
2016 – Thomas Jensen
2017 – Sean Iwamoto

Outstanding Ph.D. Instructor/Fellow
2015 – Erin D. Giles
2016 – Audrey Bergouignan
2017 – Elizabeth Wellberg

Outstanding Faculty Member 2015 – Isabel Schlaepfer 2016 – Janine A. Higgins 2017 – Kristen Nadeau Outstanding Mentor 2015 – Robert H. Eckel 2016 – Paul S. MacLean 2017 – Jane Reusch Keep an eye out in September for the 2018 call for nominations!! AHWC DIRECTOR SEARCH Dan Bessesen has served as Interim Director for the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center for the last year and a half, while a search for a new director was afoot. Most recently, an offer was made to Michael Goran from USC. Michael, however, has decided to take another position in the Los Angeles area. Institutional leaders are now considering next steps in the process as the search continues. Comments and Suggestions? Contact Mary Pinter at mary.pinter@ucdenver.edu Colorado NORCnews Rebecca Foright Outstanding Graduate Student Elizabeth Wellberg Outstanding PhD Instructor/Fellow Jane Reusch Outstanding Mentor July 2018