October 2019 Newsletter

Competitive Renewal Update. We are just weeks away from the submission of the competitive renewal of our P30 NORC grant. A big thanks goes out to our institutional leaders for their support and all of the leaders in our cores and pro-grams for their hard work in bringing the grant together. Most of all, we need to thank all of you in the research base who have been so responsive and supportive as we work towards renewing this important campus resource. We have just a few more things to gather, so keep an eye out for last minute re-quests for information.

Colorado 2019 NORC Awards—Nominate Now! Nominations are open for this year’s Colorado NORC Awards. Participating is easy, via a simple SurveyMonkey submission, and nominations are accepted from any faculty, trainee, or staff member who is affiliated with the Colorado NORC in some way. This is your chance to acknowledge the fantastic people we have in the NORC research base. Please use the following links to submit your nominations (the links also contain more information about the program.
Outstanding Research/Education Support
Nominate- NORC Outstanding Research and Education Support
Outstanding Graduate Student
Nominate – NORC Outstanding Graduate Student
Outstanding M.D. Instructor/Fellow
Nominate – Outstanding MD Instructor/Fellow
Outstanding Ph.D. Instructor/Fellow
Nominate – Outstanding PhD Instructor/Fellow
Outstanding Faculty Member
Nominate NORC Outstanding Faculty Member
Outstanding Mentor
Nominate – Outstanding NORC Mentor

Dr. Kartik Shankar Joins the Leadership Team Having recently joined the Department of Pediatrics, we are putting Kartik right to work as Associate Director of the Molecular and Cellular Analytical Core. Prior to his appointment at CU Anschutz, Kartik was a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Associate Director at the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center. Re-search in his laboratory is aimed at understanding how maternal obesity, diet and life-style in the periconceptional period influence long-term health of the offspring. Specifically, his current studies are focused on understanding the epigenomic and non-genetic transmissible factors (such as the microbiome) contributing to intergenerational transmission of obesity risk in a translational fashion. These studies leverage basic animal models in conjunction with longitudinal prospective clinical studies in mothers and infants.

NORC Research Retreat 10/8/2019 This year’s Colorado NORC Research Retreat will be held on October 8th at the Nighthorse Campbell Shore Family Forum. The event begins with lunch at 1pm, and the program will include a number of speakers and a poster session. As our keynote speaker, we are honored to have Marie-Pierre St-Onge, PhD , from Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Dr. St-Onge’s research is focused on identifying the causality of the association between lifestyle behaviors, such as diet and sleep, and cardiometabolic risk. After the day’s program, a networking recep-tion will be held from 5:30-7:30 pm on the 3rd Floor of the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center.

Featured Journal Club: EXAM The Exercise and Metabolism Journal Club (EXAM), led by Rebecca Scalzo, is a group interested in pretty much everything related to exercise and metabolism. Each month, they host speakers with complementary research interests. The goal of this club is to learn about new projects and different perspectives and to identify potential collaborations. Meetings: the third Monday of each month in AO1—room 3101 during the academic year.
A full list of journal clubs and relevant contact information can be found here.

Save the Date! Winter Appreciation Event! Join us on Thursday, December 12th at 4:30pm at the AHWC for an evening of refreshments and networking with our AHWC partners. As usual, the NORC Awards will be announced during the evening’s festivities. Keep an eye out for the Calendar invite to this fantastic event.