October 2018 Newsletter

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NORC Retreat—October 16th!! Please join us for the NORC Retreat held in HP East on Tuesday, October 16th, 2018. Kathleen Gavin and Elizabeth Wellberg have developed a half day program (noon-5pm) followed by an evening reception with posters on the roof of the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. Dr. Jeff Horowitz from the University of Michigan’s NORC Human Phenotyping Core will be our keynote speaker for the event. All are welcome to join us. Please RSVP and submit your abstracts/posters by October 8th!!
RSVP : Kathleen.Gavin@ucdenver.edu
Poster submission : Elizabeth.Wellberg@ucdenver.edu

Colorado NORC Awards—Nominate Now!!
Nominations are open for the 2018 Colorado NORC Awards!! Participating is easy, via a simple SurveyMonkey submission, and nominations are accepted from any faculty, trainee, or staff member who is affiliated with the Colorado NORC in some way. This is your chance to acknowledge the fantastic people in the NORC research base. Contact Nancy.Nickless@ucdenver.edu for the pdf announcement, or just go to the following links to submit your nominations. More information about the awards program can be found at these links.

Outstanding Research/Education Support
Nominate- NORC Outstanding Research and Education Support
Outstanding Graduate Student
Nominate – NORC Outstanding Graduate Student
Outstanding M.D. Instructor/Fellow
Nominate – Outstanding MD Instructor/Fellow
Outstanding Ph.D. Instructor/Fellow
Nominate – Outstanding Ph.D. Instructor/Fellow
Outstanding Faculty Member
Nominate NORC Outstanding Faculty Member
Outstanding Mentor
Nominate – Outstanding NORC Mentor

NORC Pilot Awardees Announced!!
The new 2018 NORC Pilot Award recipients are: Laura Hudish, Jayne MartinCarli, Ana Andres Hernando, and Malgorzata ShaznikWikiel. In addition, last year’s recipients, Josiane Broussard, Scott Ferguson, and Tanya Halliday, were awarded a second year of funding. These competitive awards go through a critical review by our external advisory board. A big thanks goes to Dan Bessesen and Nancy Nickless for
coordinating and administering this program. Congratulations to all of the NORC Pilot Awardees!!

Congratulations to Dr. Wendy Kohrt and her outstanding team of scientists and educators for the renewal of the NIH funded Special
Center of Research Excellence focused on sex differences and women’s health research. This U54 grant (AG062319) is slated to bring over ~$5m in direct funds over the next 5 years to study the Bioenergetic and Metabolic Consequences of the Loss of Gonadal Function. The overarching scientific objective of the CO-SCORE is to advance knowledge of the impact of gonadal aging on the regulation of bioenergetics, abdominal adiposity, and metabolism by conducting mechanistically driven research across the basic -to- clinical translational spectrum. The grant will fund three research projects, a pilot program, and a program to support junior faculty with K-level funding.

The NORC sponsors a number of small discussion groups and journal clubs that may be of interest to you.
Here are a few examples (and their leaders) of those that meet regularly.

BAT Chat – Inter-institutional discussion group of articles and concepts
related to brown fat and the measurement of energy expenditure (Ed
FAT Chat – Local group that exchanges ideas and protocols for novel
methods and technology (FACS, flow, Incucyte, single cell and bulk
RNAseq, IF and IHC) for characterizing white adipose tissue
(precursors, mature adipocytes, immune cells). (Kathleen Gavin/
Michael Rudolph)
Sex on Steroids (SOS) – Local group discussing articles and concepts
related to sex steroids, sex differences, and women’s health research.
(Ed Melanson, but he is looking for someone to lead!)

Contact their leaders for more information about how to get involved. If you have a group that you think fits with the NORC’s enrichment program objectives, contact Paul.MacLean@ucdenver.edu about the potential for having the NORC support your efforts.

Last month, Dean Reilly and the search committee interviewed four potential candidates for the position. They have indicated that they are likely to move quickly to identify and pursue one of these individuals to fill this important position at our institution.

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